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Speed Control - GEFITRON

Using the speed control GEFITRON, the required revolution speed of ac motors can be seamlessly adjusted. The adjusted revolution speed stays stable and constant even under high load. This makes it possible to set the optimal revolution speed needed for the treatment of the various different materials like stone, steel or plastic.

Using the perfectly matching revolution speed you will:                                                                           

decrease the work time while increasing the work quality
e.g. z.B. tapping of various materials
increase the life time of your tools,
e.g. threading dies, drills or  saw blades
ease your work because of
avoiding the uncontrollable skipping while using high-speed polishers
use your machines of intended purpose much more flexible,
your drilling machine becomes a stirrer or a power screwdriver or a polishing machine

High performance: 2400 W in periodic duty, e.g. for electronic hand tools. 1600 W in continuous operation.

Datasheet GEFITRON